Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mobile OS: need apps...milions of apps!

Everyone wanna do Mobile OS..Blackberry, Microsoft and many others...are trying to get some space in this giant enviroment... because it is the new revolution and maybe mobile (tablet and smartphones) will replace desktop platform in the future.

For many people, a smartphones or a tablet is enough.
People are starting to prefer to use their phone to access internet: because their phone are faster enough and they have dedicated apps.. designed to be easy.
They provide a better user experience.
People can use their phones, without asking to their geeky friends for any trouble, they reach their scope because phones are easy also to reset.
Desktop PC are powerful but noisy, slow, exposed (virus and many problem) = stress & pain for a simple man.
Smartphones is always with you and it can help you in everyday activities, PC only when available.

The main usage of a desktop pc today is open a browser and go to internet..smartphones are enough for many websites and they can accomplish very well this task...and when they are lucky enough there is always an app for a specific task.
We are part of a revolution that will change how we will get information from the net.

The giants
Mobile world is becoming simple everyday.. IOS and Android are the largest platform out there... with so many downloadable apps.
Microsoft is desperately trying to get in.
Desktop platforms are converging to hybrid solution:
  • Apple: new release of OSX contains part of IOS and I thinks one day we will see a unique platform with the best approach of both (with an Apple processor on it). They are driving people slowly to these changes and they are careful. This is the approach that I prefer.
  • Google: they haven't got a real operating system for desktop.. they have chrome os.. but it is a sort of an experiment..Android for desktop is not an acceptable solution. I thinks docking stations for connecting monitor to a smartphones are great things but.. how many do you see out there? Google is just waiting... They have the power to start something from scratch tomorrow and fight with others in any moment.. (see google voice vs siri). They wait and see.
  • Microsoft: Windows 8 is one of the biggest challenge of MSFT. It's a strict parent of windowsphone. If they are right, they can really change mobile enviroment again. What I think? I thinks Metro is a good UI, at least different from IOS, but it is a mobile UI and not good for a Desktop experience (many wasted space and poor aesthetics...).  I don't really like on a tablet, and I really hate on a desktop.. I thinks we will see windows 7 for a long long time.. It is too soon.. but they have enough money for try..I thinks windows 8 is just there to prepare people to windows 9 learning the mistakes from win8, like MSFT did with xbox 1 for xbox 360 (I hope also Nokia will have the power to follow this..change.. or they will die.).
And the others
  • Symbian: adieu.
  • Blackberry: a fact, they can't make mistakes or they are out. For me the biggest mistakes of blackberry was to open to teenager market and forget business people. BB should focus on business services and business tasks and make something new. A BB phone today is a toy like any other smartphones out there. BB years ago was a tool for work, that is why business man liked it.
  • Opensource world: maemo... meego... Tizen... now some  new Firefox OS. It is just crazy to make a new OS and thinks HTML5 will save the world. I don't believe in these revolutions why? read on.
All you need is apps (papaparapa)
Unless IOS and Android.. what platforms need are apps!
Microsoft is trying to become an interesting ($$$) platform for developers.. but the numbers of IOS and Android are pretty different from windows phone.
MSFT is doing the right thing.. pushing people to write apps for them... but it is not an easy task.
I thinks a mobile developer focus more attention for IOS and Android platform now, than he looks the others  platform.

HTML5 apps will not save anyone... because as a developer you have to pay in performance and platform integration (and testing), and HTML5 is just a new technology. So the gain is not enough.
Anyone needs apps and developer who write apps.. so I don't really now how Tizen, Firefox OS and co... can fight with the market numbers of IOS, Android and Windowsphone.
And apart from the hardware of a phone, people don't care about the os, people care about apps!
We wait and see...