Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My Favourites Application's list from UbuntuAppShowdown

At this link, you can find all the application that passed the qualification for Ubuntu App Showdown contest.
I was so curious about this list so I have watched the applications listed.. and this is the list of the applications that IMHO needs attention:
  • Cookety: an application for recipies. I really like the design. Easy, clear, simple. I would like to see it connected with a cloud for hosting,share,save recepies between users.
  • Fogger: pay attention to this app. It hides a website logic inside a unity integrated application.  I like it for many aspects: but the idea to transform unity as a "platform" for website.. is really interesting and new.
  • GWOffice: a desktop client for google drive. It seems a good quality app and I think it is really hard to create something like this... so +1 for this.
  • NitroShare: Cool project. Do you want to share a file with another computer on the LAN? Just drag&drop the file on an Icon on the desktop and it is shared.
  • PostMan: help you to manage photos to send on cloud services like ubuntuone or flickr... So cool UI. Easy to send an image on the cloud, just as sending a letter :)

And this is a list of applications that I found nice(as realization or idea) but for me not able to win:
  • StackLens a unity lens for stack overflow: stack overflow integrated in unity .. good for developers!
  • PicTag: help people to geotag photos. I would like to see it integrated in an application like shotwell instead of a separeted application.
  • XKCD browser: nice to have.. to launch sometimes during an hard working day.
  • Snare: A minimalistic drum machine. I like the style of this application.. clean! Nice UI for this kind of application
  • SmartShine Photo: I don't know how good it is.. but I like the idea. It corrects photos, based on an algorithm.
  • Nulloy Music Player: yes it is just a music player.. but that's why I like it.. Modern players are full of unuseful feature. Just put an mp3 on the player's list and press play. Good.
  • Interest Calculation: It can be useful for people who manage this kind of calculation everyday.
  • Houston ( I hope is not.. "we got a problem" :D ) An UI for manage servers on the cloud. Good Idea, need a lot of work on it.. But it is a nice start.
  • Facebook App: Do we need a facebook app? I don't know.. but it seems (from sshots) a good designed application.
  • Format Junkie: a frontend for easy convert file formats. Good, Ubuntu needs something like this. I'm not enthusiast of the UI but it is just my opinion :)
  • Lightread: an rss client. Good UI designed. If you use a lot RSS, you probably like it. I thinks it needs ubuntu one sincronization.
My judge is based on the description from Software Center of every application, I didn't try these application yet.. and I judged it basing on my first impact watching the description, screenshot and videos(when present).
It is all IMHO :)