Thursday, 5 July 2012

The community is the key

Linux and all the software around it, it is one of the most challenging and complex enviroment out there.

You know, what is it really hard? Keep all the things working and coordinated.. because you have to deal with many and many problem that proprietary software don't have.
It is an enviroment, not ready for all, at least for now, because it needs time... but a route is traced and the key of this enviroment, it is the community around it.

You have feedbacks; there is always someone that watch your work, someone that gives you ideas, for improve your application, and I f*cking love this.

Yesterday, I said that I had finally put the ppa on launchpad... but it was not working correctly.. today I have finally upload a working version.
You can find a version here.

Meanwhile someone (Daniel Holbach) watched the code of my application submission on ubuntu software center, and he found a bug on my licence.. many thanks.

This is such a kind of collaborative env, very hard to find elsewhere.

Protoborsa, new update!

Some minutes ago I uploaded a new version whit these changes:

  * fixed Licence file.:
  * improved company search on add stock.
  * fixed first loading of settings.
  * little changed on thread code for future improvements.

but this version, got a bug (damn!)...the first run fail to copy of a settings file to your homedir/.protoborsa/ directory..
You can manually create this directory and copy the /opt/ inside it.. or wait for the new version (protoborsa_12.07.5ubuntu5)... that is on the way, and will be downloadable soon.

I would like to improve my application for:
  • better handling of loading chart with thread support and animation while loading
  • toolbar instead of the bottom buttons: this is just for a better UI integration with Unity.
  • try to add unity quicklists
  • add progress while downloading data, on unity icon.
That's all!