Saturday, 23 June 2012

It's Symbol not Keyword

Thanks to this reply from Stephen Lepage I discover that the correct word for searching company in stock quotes data is Symbol and not Keyword!
So GOOG, AAPL and RHT are the symbols for Google, Apple and Red Hat!

If you want to check data from yahoo finance, you have to pass this data inside the request.

Where can you find all the symbols or, at least, a good number of it?
After a little search I found this post on stackoverflow (the saint of all developers) where the first answer said:
you can also get nice tidy csv files from here: (replace exchange=nasdaq with exchange=nyse for nyse symbols).
Those links took to a downloadable .csv file that contains the Symbol, Naming and other information of all the companies form Nasdaq and Nyse.

So the next step for my application is to make this data easy to query...yes.. query.. so.. I made a python script that:
  • read data from csv.
  • read only the necessary information.
  • save the new data to a sqlite3 db.

And this is a search on the table:

This table will be used in the application for lookup operation of symbols.
The db, will not be used only for this operation but for other stuff.

The application is also on reddit now:

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