Thursday, 28 June 2012

Add functionality & autocomplete

I have added a textentry on the top of the dialog for add a new stock quote.
This textentry helps to find through the list of available company, with an autocomplete algorithm... while you type, the list change.
The Add, now it works!

In the main screen when you select one of the registered stock quote, the chart updates, but I have some problem displaying the chart..
I need to examine more later on this, I have a pycha error with some company and I have to understand if it is a problem with the loaded data or a pycha problem.

Every network operation is blocking the main thread.. so the UI freeze until the dowload of data from the yahoo finance complete: when you add a new stock, at startup and when chart updates.
A disaster! :D

This is a common UI problem and the solution, here, it is to use a secondary thread that manage the connection.
I have to search for which is the common solution on pygtk.. maybe there is a good way to do this, or a pattern to follow.