Sunday, 17 June 2012


Who Am I? 
Hello everyone,  I'm a 28 years old  developer, from Genova (gmaps) a nice italian city near the sea.
One of the typical plate here is Trofie al pesto (that's why pesto in the name).
When I was a child, I usually break toys trying to change it, transform it or simply trying to make it works again... in a simple word hacks  (yes, this complete the name of this blog).

My fist computer was a fantastic sinclair zx spectrum 48k, my love with computer and technology started with that cute gummy keyboad at the age of 6.
From that moment, obviusly, things changed a lot..and as any good kid I spent a lot of time learning from computer!

In many years I have learnt many languages and technologies like: C, C++, python, java, php , bash , ios, android, j2me, gtk programming, javascript, html, css, linux, xml, xslt, sqlite , oracle, cloenzilla , windows, osx and many others stuff..
Everytime I found some tech-thing that catch enough my attention I start to study it...
And of course I do a lot of experiments with tech-toys like this
My computers are only mac and linux workstation, it is easier for me to be productive with those OS.

Why did I start this blog?
So.. this is more important for you reader..
I decided to start this blog because:
  • This contest : great idea Canonical! I use it as an excuse to start this blog, so I have a trace to follow for my future posts about my application idea ( more info soon )
  • I'm english is not so good and I hope to improve it writing here.
  • I hope that the stuff I will produce will be useful for others and to receive feedback. I love to improve my knowledge.
  • I like to share ideas with others: be a linux user from 10 years means something about sharing.

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