Wednesday, 27 June 2012

It is growing day by day!

I think the final name of the app will be UStockQuotes!

This is a screenshot of the last evolution of my app:

As you can see there is a list of stock quotes now.
This is the list of the stocks interested by the user.
At the moment the data is stored inside a database, the application fetch the list from the database and than fetch the updated data from yahoo service.

When you select one of the row of the table, the chart update itself retrieving the data.
So this is roadmap, just for the first part:
- add/remove stock quote.
- handle no-selected quote, no-stored-data (leaving a banner for example or a message), yahoo errors: means no plot.
- change chart period.
- change stock quote order in table.
- data caching mechanism for fast response and less requests.
- loading screen.
- better unity integration.
- ppa & preparation for contest.

Nice to have:
- Fullscreen mode.
- Fullscreen with stock quote data-rotation.