Monday, 14 October 2013

My First Impressions On The Arduino Yun

These are great years for geek: hardware is cheaper and new gadget come out everyday
It's our time!
Our creativity is screaming inside us, due to the incredible number of things that everyday comes out.
Some days ago I bought an Arduino Board Yun (all the specs here).

I mainly bought it just to support Arduino: because it's an italian project and I was curious to see if the new Yun have the same potential of Arduino Uno.

Anyway reading the specs, these are the things that I like most on this board:

  • The Arduino part of Yun is an Arduino Leonardo's like (mouse and keyboard feature!)
  • ethernet,wifi,sdcard support: no more expensive shell to add (Note: if you can reach internet you can use NTP, so you don't need an RTC)
  • a real processor with Linux: and all the possibilities offered by linux software. The distro is Linino, based on the famous OpenWrt!
  • linux + usb: means attach webcam, pendrive, other usb devices.
  • POE support(from the doc: "The Yún is also compatible with PoE power supply but in order to use this feature you need to mount a PoE module on the board or buy a preassembled one."
  • Wifi capabilities means: no bother with bluetooth, zigbee, android adk... you can write app on mobile that talk with Yun just with http/html/js (for example).
  • Wifi support accesspoint mode: this means you can connect things with wifi using Yun as the hotspot
  • Can be remote programmed: do you need to upgrade the software on the arduino connected in another room? Now you can thanks to wireless
  • Same dimension of the current Arduino Uno.
Arduino Uno (left) & Yun (right)

  • Temboo: do you need to use dropbox, flickr, twitter, facebook, google calendar, google docs or other online services with your Yun? Temboo is a framework that let you work with those services easily, standardizing the way you access these API... and it works with your Yun of course!

I don't think Yun is here to beat raspberry pi (maybe only in few project) but to replace existing project with Arduino uno/leonardo with a new powerful version able to: easy connect to internet, communicate with "things", remove expensive shields, improve experience and help you to fast prototype IOT objects.
For now, it seems that the standard Linino image shipped with yun is limited..but it's Opensource Baby... and so..the next step is this: github/repo.
See you soon with new info about Yun!

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