Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tethering Indicator: start simple grow complex

I'm back from holidays... but during it, I did something on my tethering indicator project.
It was thinked as a simple application.. and now it is no-more a pure simple activity that talks with bluetooth..but something more complex.

The apps on the phone, is composed by 2 part:
- a service that make available data through bluetooth and show a notification whenever it is started.
- an activity that talks to the previous service for control and send command like: start/stop service.
It was not easy to understand how to make the activity bind and unbind correctly from the service, also when the activity die,  but after some test and research I did it.

This is a simplified diagram of the actual architecture :
I didn't released the code now, but I will do very soon, at least for the android server, when it will be enough good.
For now the program on the phone works.

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