Monday, 2 July 2012

Changes, Changes and... Changes!

The code relatives to chart is finally ok..
Now the program is capable to:
  • plot a chart with the data ordered by date
  • put the correct label on the chart ticks
  • put an explicative label on the axis
  • calculate a good y-range for displaying the chart (see this option of pycha)
  • for every click on one of the symbol on the stocks list, it display the last month of data on the chart.
  • I added a reload button... if you want you can trash all your dowloaded data and download it again.
About pycha: this is the complete list of options and if you want to specify ticks labels, you need to give pycha something like this:


{'v': 0, 'label': 'day1'},
{'v': 1, 'label': 'day2'},
{'v': 2, 'label': 'day3'}


It is a list of dictionary.
so record 0 will have day 1 on the first tick.. and so on...

Tomorrow I will spend my after-work time, trying to put it on the ppa and making it ready for the ubuntuappshowdown!

Last screenshot here:

After that, I will spend my resting time for:
  • finish about page.
  • unity integration.
  • make it possible to change data displayed on chart
  • caching data (I want to reduce queries to yahoo whenever is possible).

I need also some graphics.. for icons at least.